The Paloma Fund is a multi-strategy investment vehicle that has operated across decades and many market cycles. We seek to generate attractive, long term, risk adjusted returns with low correlation to markets.



Since our founding we have built a reputation for longevity in hedge fund investing. We pursue attractive risk/reward opportunities in all strategies, but we have traditionally focused on quantitative and relative value approaches.


Founder & Chief Investment Officer
President & Chief Risk Officer


We seek to invest and manage based on certain core principles.

Dynamic Allocation

DYNAMIC CAPITAL ALLOCATION among a changing group of strategies and portfolio managers as market opportunities shift

Flexible Trading Model

FLEXIBLE TRADING MODEL designed for the realities of ever changing markets

Risk Management

A focus on RISK MANAGEMENT and capital preservation

Investment Talent

The ongoing search for accomplished and innovative INVESTMENT TALENT


The search for talent is a core part of our operating model. We are always eager to speak with accomplished and innovative investment professionals who exhibit a strong respect for capital and risk management. We’re especially interested in traders focused on algorithmic and relative value strategies.

To inquire about opportunities please contact us at:


Two American Lane
Greenwich, CT 06836
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